Safety tips for a roadside emergency

7th November 2022

Safety tips for a roadside emergency


Roadside emergencies can happen to the best of drivers. Occurrences like a flat tire, an overheated vehicle, or an accident, however undesirable, are situations that all drivers need to be prepared for. In case of such unforeseen circumstances, keep the following tips in mind to handle the situation effectively.

Move away from the road

As soon as you notice some kind of trouble, start moving as far away from the road as soon as possible. Try to avoid stopping at corners, slopes and narrow roads.

Warn Others

Alert other drivers by switching on the hazard lights. Safety cones, signs or triangles can also be used as signs to inform other drivers that you are having trouble. You can also pop open the hood of the car to show your car has broken down. Keep the headlights on if possible, if it is night time.

Call for roadside assistance

If the problem is one that you are unable to fix, reach out for professional emergency assistance providers. Check with your insurance provider or rental company (if driving a rented vehicle) for roadside assistance services that may be covered.

Be prepared with emergency supplies

As a precautionary measure, always keep an emergency kit handy in your vehicle at all times. This should include a first aid kit, extra food and water, tools, duct tape, a spare tire, jumper cables and more. If you have one handy, check for items that may help to address the problem at hand.

Don’t leave your car until safe

Check for a break in traffic before you can safely step out to examine the problem. If possible, a safer option would be to exit the vehicle from the passenger side. Once outside, maintain a safe distance from the flow of traffic.

Stay calm

However distressing an unexpected situation like a breakdown may be, try to relax and keep your nerves steady to handle the situation better. Be cautious and use your best judgment when deciding the next course of action and when accepting help from strangers. 

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