Terms and Conditions

Leasing vehicles is one of the simplest ways to finance a vehicle on a fixed and guaranteed budget; with an agreed figure that will be matched to the anticipated residual value at the end of the agreement term. The responsibility of the risk on the future residual value of the vehicle will then be with the lease company.

The ownership of the vehicle remains with the lessor، and the normal annual writing down allowances would apply. You simply decide on the time period you would like to keep the vehicle, the mileage you expect to cover، and whether or not you’d wish to have the vehicle’s full or part maintenance to be included in your monthly payment. Then one simple monthly payment is all it takes to keep you or your staff mobile.

If you already own vehicles, you wish to replace، leasing can begin with a deposit usually equal to one monthly payment. This avoids any setbacks that would be created in your cash flow، by purchasing a new vehicle.

We offer wide range of Rental Car Leasing Products & Services to Small, Medium & Large-size Corporate Customers. The services are tailor-made to offer convenient and less expensive fleet management solutions.

At Autorent, the goal is to provide the best superior services to the customers that match the needs of the cusotmer, effectively and efficiently. Autorent Car Rental provides vehicles of your choice , which include wide range of Saloon cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles and Buses.

The following are the services included in this lease.

  • Brand New Vehicles
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Free Replacement Vehicles at your doorstep
  • Insurance / Registration
  • Free Road side Assistance 24/7
  • Free custody Service
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance for Driver
  • Personal accident insurance for Passengers (Optional)

Note: Vehicle shown are for illustration purpose only.

    Why to lease

  • Fixed monthly rental

    Avoid expensive bills or unexpected price increases during the term of your lease.

  • Cost-effective

    No maintenance costs, repairs, or car depreciation to worry about - inexpensive and hassle-free.

  • Road Tax and insurance included

    Our all-inclusive car leasing means all you need to do is add fuel and we take care of the rest

  • Secure travel

    Free-of-charge round the clock roadside assistance and temporary replacement vehicle provided on location.

  • Move freely

    All our cars come with an All-GCC travel permit so you can plan that weekend getaway you’ve always wanted.